!!! Fogerty Arena is Open 12/23/20 for Household Exercise !!!


The following is the Fogerty Arena COVID-19 policy for reopening:

Please contact us at 763-780-3328 for reservations and any questions you may have. Thank you.

Available Times and Policies for Household Rentals

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East End North 12/23 


West End North 12/23


East End North 12/28-31


West End North 12/28-31


Household Rental Policies:

  • We can only rent to no more than 2 households with a max of 5 people.

  • If there is a clear distinction that there are multiple households arriving at the facility you will not be allowed on the ice and NO REFUND will be given.

  • NO intermixing with the household on the other half of the rink. If intermixing happens you will be asked to leave with NO REFUND will be given.  

  • We ARE allowed to sell ice time to no more than two households

  • Household is considered no more than 5 people

  • MASKS must be worn at all times within the facility

  • NO organized practices strictly for recreational purposes

  • All members of a household should social distance 6ft while on the ice surface.

  • The entire household has to be on the ice.

  • No Spectators

  • Locker Rooms are closed.

  • A household will have 10 minutes to enter the facility

  • A household will have 10 minutes to leave the facility

  • If we determine that there are individuals from multiple households you will not be allowed to skate and NO refund will be given.

  • NO Scrimmage and games are allowed at Fogerty Arena

  • Social distancing practices must be practiced while in the facility.