Board of Directors

The Fogerty Arena Board of Directors is a nine-member volunteer board that oversees the management and operation of Fogerty Arena. Of those nine directors, four represent Blaine Youth Hockey and two represent Spring Lake Park Youth Hockey, one represents the City of Blaine, one represents Anoka County and one is a Director-at-Large. The City and the County appoint their representatives on an annual basis and all other directors serve 3-year terms.


Name                    Position                        Rep. Of                   Expires                   Years Served

Chuck McQuillan  President                     BYHA                     July of 2023         2017-

Mark Lee               Vice President             FSCC                     July of 2024         2019-

Rex Nelson            Treasure/Secretary    SLPYHA                July of 2022         2013-

Tom Berquist                                               BYHA                    July of 2024          2002-

Tony Palumbo                                             Anoka County      Annually                2006-

Paul Conery                                                BYHA                     July of 2024          2006-

Sean Noble                                                 SLPYA                    July of 2023          2017-

Jess Roberertson                                       City of Blaine        Annually                 2019-

Peter McKenzie                                          BYHA                     July of 2022           2021-



If you have any comments, questions, or concerns regarding Fogerty Arena and wish to address the Board of Directors you may email for more information or you are welcome to attend the next board meeting. The board meetings are held on the fourth Monday of each month at 6:00 pm in the Board Room. The current Board of Directors would also like to thank all those who have served on the Arena Board over the years, by honoring them on this page.


Past Arena Board Members


George Ballenger 1982-1983

Dick Lang 1982-1983

Margaret Langfeld 1982-1984

Duane Hass 1982-1984

Fran Fogerty 1982-1985

Don Heman 1982-1986

Irv Lust 1982-1986

Joyce Schneider 1982-1986

Joe Quinn 1982-2006

Ron Parrucci 1983-1985& 1989-1999

Junior Sunsdah 1983-1989

Jim Snidarich 1983-1989& 1999-2001

Brian Kocher 1984-1989

Charlie Achterkirch 1986-1988

Elwyn Tinklenberg 1986-1996

Leo Geisen 1986-1999

Tom Bloss 1986-2010

Steve Wrolstad 1989-1997

Don Neft 1989-2000

Richard Iacarella 1989-2009

Tom Ryan 1996-2002

Richard Nordlund1997-2000

David DeMorrett 1999-2002

David Batche 2003-2006

Craig Turner 2010-2013

Robert Sikich  2000-2017

Shawn Nelson 2009-2017

Larry Rundle 2000-2018

Dave Clark 2002-2019

John Bauer 1985-2021